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Exceptional Patient Convenience Makes A Clinic Outstanding

Our health is of prime importance and we need to take care of ourselves through regular consulting and checkups. At no point, no matter what, we should compromise with our well being. Health care has tremendously changed with a lot of facility and convenience available for the patient. There are many clinics that make healthcare services easy and convenient for patients with excellent support and patient care.

Affordable packagesmy_packages

On considering Top 10 Clinics in Oman, most of them have diversified services with the customized and affordable package. The packages include various healthcare services that include obstetrics gynecology services with related packages. The packages are also available for excellent dental care and pediatrics.

Get the second opinion

You visit a doctor but not convinced about the medical condition they show in the report. Or, maybe you need a second opinion to be sure about your health. Many clinics have highly qualified and experienced doctors who can help you with a second opinion about your medical condition. With digital advancement, you don’t even require to travel to meet the doctors.

Tests and Accurate resultradiology

No disease or health condition can be detected without undergoing few tests. It is important to visit only those clinics who offer comprehensive and reliable diagnostic service. The clinic definitely must have radiology facility as it gives an accurate result and helps in diagnosing as well as treating diseases. The quality and quantity standards at no cost should be compromised.


What makes a clinic outstanding is its quality of service, customer care and overall facilities. There are clinics which allow booking an appointment online and this is a great convenience for the patient as they don’t have to wait in clinic or hospital. Facilities like home delivery of medicines pick and drop service for patients, serving of beverages, helping through the process of consultation makes a clinic worth the top spot.







Information About Hospitals in Oman – Here Is All You Need To Know

All cities and main towns have at least one modern hospital with state of the art equipment and highly trained staff.
A poor segment of cities has older services that yet maintain excellent treatment standards. Hospitals are listed in telephone directories and the yellow pages, and most addresses of the hospitals can also be found in tourist publications. When selecting a hospital for regular treatment, make certain to ask for advice from co-workers and associates

There are a number of different types of Omani hospitals, including public, private and military establishments. Some hospitals in the private sector are luxuriously appointed and could simply pass for five-star hotels, even if they also charge five-star cost for treatment.

Most of Oman’s private hospitals have an accident and urgent situation units in addition to their outpatient departments, although patients are more likely to be going towards public hospitals by Omani emergency services in the event that they are involved in sudden shock like car accidents.

Hospitals in Oman

Here is the list of Top 10 Clinics in Oman. You can find the best one from his list according to your requirement

  1. Advanced Fertility and Genetics Center LLC, Al Khuwair
  2. Al Amal Medical Centre, Al khuwair, Ruwi, Al Khoud
  3. Al Bushra Medical Specialty Complex, Al Azaiba
  4. Al-Hakeem fertility Mother and child care center al khuwair
  5. Al-Hakeem united pharmacy al khuwair
  6. Al Hayat International Hospital Medical and dental clinics, Laser and Plastic surgery, Al Qurm St, Muscat, Oman,
  7. Al Hayat International Hospital Oman (Muscat, Al Ghubra)
  8. Al Hayat Polyclinic Sohar
  9. Al Nahdha Hospital, Ruwi
  10. Al Noor Medical Specialties Center (managed by Al Noor Hospital), Al Khuwair, Madinat Sultan Qaboos.